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Progression Wake-up Alarm Clock
Wake up slowly, gently, and refreshed

Most alarm clocks rattle you awake in the morning, either with loud music or a jarring beeping or worse. Shaken out of slumber, you hit the snooze button - only to repeat it over again.

The Progression Alarm Clock slowly and gently wakes you up, and you feel better facing the day that if you had been shaken awake. It uses a gradual increase in ambient light, stimulating aromas, and peaceful sounds from nature to awaken sleepers.

Simply set the desired wake up time, place some aromatherapy beads (included) into the aroma bowl, and choose a natural sound setting. Thirty minutes before wake-up, the clock's light begins to glow softly, subtly brightening over the next half hour. As the light increases, the warmth from the lamp releases faint aromatherapy scents into the air to stimulate the senses, speeding the waking process.

Fifteen minutes before wake up time, the clock's speaker generates the sleeper's choice of soft, yet lively nature sounds, and at the set wake-up time a buzzer sounds to finish the cycle (just in case you're really out). The alarm can also be used to awaken using only sound, or just the buzzer. Sound selection includes Nightfall, Thunder Storm, Zen Melody, Mountain Stream, Songbirds, and Ocean Surf.

Four packs of aroma beads (Energy, Morning Cafe, Stress Relief, Lavendar) are included, as are 10 removable felt disks that can be placed in the aroma bowl which allow you to use your own aromatherapy oils that you can buy from many stores.

Another great feature of the clock is used for actually falling asleep and not waking up. The clock can be set to operate in reverse, gradually diminishing light, scent, and sound at night to usher sleepers into a relaxed and peaceful sleep.

The nature sounds can be heard at any time by simply pressing any of the sound buttons, and the light has a night light setting as well. The clock has the usual snooze button, headphone jack, and volume control. Plugs into a standard household outlet, and uses two AA batteries (included) for backup power, ensuring that time and alarm buzzer functions remain operable in the event of power loss.

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