The History and Folklore of Moonstones

Moonstones is a sacred gem in India, believed to bring good fortune, tender passion, and prophetic abilities, by Marbode, and a story of a moonstone related by Antoine Mizauld

The moonstone is believed to bring good fortune and is regarded as a sacred stone in India. It is never displayed for sale there, except on a yellow cloth, as yellow is an especially sacred color. As a gift for lovers the moonstone takes a high rank, for it is believed to arouse the tender passion, and to give lovers the power to read in the future the fortune, good or ill, that is in store for them. To gain this knowledge, however, the stone must be placed in the mouth while the moon is full. (Marbodei, "De lapidibus," Friburgi, 1531, fol. 51.)

Antoine Mizauld ("Les secrets de la Lune," Paris, 1571.) tells us of a selenite or moonstone owned by a friend of his, a great traveller. This stone, about the size of the gold piece known as the gold noble, but somewhat thicker, indicated the waxing and waning of the moon by a certain white point or mark which grew larger or smaller as did the moon. Mizauld relates that to convince himself of the truth of this he obtained possession of the stone for one lunar month, during which time he sedulously observed it. The white mark first appeared at the top. It was like a small millet-seed, increasing in size and moving down on the stone, always assuming the form of the moon until, on reaching the middle, it was round like the full moon; then the mark gradually passed up again as the moon diminished. The owner declared that he had "vowed and dedicated this stone to the young king [Edward VI], who was then highly esteemed because he had good judgement in regard to rare and precious things."

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